Green Light Escape Room: Wilmington’s Corporate Team Building Solution

Searching for the perfect out of office team building activity? An escape room may be exactly what you need!

Escape rooms are a relatively new concept in the Wilmington area and are often thought of as an activity for friends and family, but the value they offer for corporate team building is huge! Escape rooms leave everyone laughing and are great conversation starters for the team. It will be the talk of the water cooler for weeks to come. Working through an escape room builds common ground and creates a true bonding experience by working towards a common goal outside of the workplace in a fun, recreational setting. As Wilmington’s largest escape room facility we are we equipped to cater to large corporate groups. Our three escape events can host a total of 26-34 people per hour, allowing multiple teams to play simultaneously reducing the time needed to complete an escape room team building event to 1.5 hours or less.

Why escape rooms are the perfect corporate team building event for your company

  • They’re exciting! Nothing mixes up the work week like a fun outing. The normal office life can get a little repetitive and monotonous as the weeks roll on. Break that predictability and infuse new life and excitement into your team by mixing things up a bit! They will return to the workplace with new energy and a stronger team bond. A trip to The Breakout Room will help employees stretch their boundaries and gain new confidence in their leadership skills. Reward your team with a team building activity that is enjoyable for them and effectively brings value to the company.
Employees enjoy corporate team building at the breakout room escape room in wilmington north carolina

Victory! These teams had so much fun beating Alien Escape, Kidnapped!, and Escape the Roxbury. They even enjoyed a little fun competition among themselves!

  • Escape Rooms utilize all different skill sets. Escape rooms as a corporate team building event really do just that: they build up the team and build confidence in each individual. Our escape rooms are specifically designed to utilize all different types of skill sets. This allows everyone on the team to add value and feel great about themselves. Is one of your team members mechanically inclined? Perfect, There’s a task for that person. Is someone particularly logical? They’ll be valuable. Someone who is a great task master? They’ll keep everyone organized and moving. Someone with great attention to detail? They’re needed too. Everyone plays a part and we see the joy in people’s faces when they know they brought their team a step closer to that final goal, and they can carry that confidence and feeling of accomplishment back to the office. They may even learn new things about each other- hidden talents, likes and dislikes, all bringing them closer together.
  • Communication skills improve. In order to effectively escape the room the team must communicate effectively. This forced communication is presented in a fun but essential way and provides the team with a great communication skill workout/refresher. Team members who may normally struggle collaborating will find themselves working together without even thinking about it.
  • The perfect bonding experience. At The Breakout Room your team will face unique challenges as a group and triumph over obstacles as a group. Our rooms will immerse the team in another world, take them way out of the mundane, and jumpstart creative and critical thinking, improving problem solving as a whole. Laughs will be had and relationships improved!

We would love to host your company event large or small! We are located in Downtown Wilmington, walking distance to many great options for an after-escape beverage or meal making it a great, low hassle choice for corporate events.  We also welcome guests to bring refreshments if they choose. A meeting room is also available for use free of charge. 

Contact us for details on scheduling your next team building event or Book Now. We also welcome tours of our facility for those interested in booking a corporate team building event call 910-833-5522 to schedule.

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