Top 5 Reasons an Escape Room is the perfect date!

Escape rooms are not the first thing people think of when planning a date night but maybe they should be! While all your friends cram into a crowded restaurant or sit next to each other not talking for two hours at the movies because they feel obligated to, you can be out doing something way more interesting- an escape room! These are the top five reasons an escape room adventure is the perfect date night.

1. It’s Unique!

This weekend, like many other weekends, couples around the world will plan a date night. The most common date night consists of dinner and/or a movie. I love dinner and a movie- it’s practical (i like food!) and it’s usually pretty relaxing. But, we’ve all done it! Mix things up this weekend and take a more adventurous route. Spend the evening immersed in a situation that requires you to think fast, communicate, and laugh your way through the night- you may even learn something new about your partner! First date? Perfect, say goodbye to those awkward silences at dinner, an escape room is the perfect ice-breaker. While your friends spend an hour waiting for a table at an overcrowded restaurant you will be spending that time escaping an Alien Ship or that Evil time-traveling professor đŸ˜‰

2. It’s better to spend money on experiences not material things… science says so!

Studies have shown that we get more happiness from experiences than we do from things. Purchasing things does make us happy- but only for a short time. Our experiences make up much more of who we are than the things we own and we also bond with others more if we experience things together like an escape room or a vacation than we do if we both have a Pandora bracelet. Experiences give us great memories, a way to bond with those around us, and a story to tell.

3. Escape rooms are exciting!

The thrill of the hunt, the confidence boost from solving a problem, the adrenaline rush of beating the clock by mere seconds, laughing at yourself and each other, all aspects of a date at an escape room. There will not be a dull moment on this night out!

4. Leads to great conversation

Ever have that awkwardly quiet ride home after dinner because there’s nothing left to talk about? Or, if you’re like me and have been married for a while you’ve instituted the “No talking about kids or work tonight- it’s a date!” but then you just talk about kids and work because that’s what’s going on in your lives. That rule may actually hold up after an escape room experience! After our first escape room my husband and i literally talked about it the entire time at lunch and it came up multiple times throughout the rest of the day. We STILL talk about our first escape room from time to time. So if you need a conversation boost or conversation starter going to an escape room with your significant other is the perfect solution!

5. Sharpens those communication skills

Communicating is key when working your way through an escape room. Really, it’s sort of forced on the participants to communicate with one another but in neutral territory so no one feels pressure from the other players- it’s the room haha! This makes for a great ice-breaker for first dates or new couples and a good communication tune-up for couples who have been together for a long time.

We also happen to be located right across the street from some of the greatest bars and restaurants Wilmington, NC has to offer…

Having beers at cape fear wine and beer after doing a escape room at the breakout room

Grabbing some craft beer across the street at Cape Fear Wine & Beer

Make it group date night!

Escape room date night

Date night at The Breakout Room in Wilmington, NC


5 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons an Escape Room is the perfect date!

  • I like your point that an escape room is bound to bring up a lot of conversation and interaction between you and your date. I really enjoy movies, but I agree that it’s not the best for a date. I told a girl I like that I’d take her out for her birthday, so maybe we’ll do an escape room. It’s neat that you can get other friends and couples involved easily as well.

  • I absolutely agree with what you said in that it’s “better to spend money on experience not material things”. Although we value and love something we buy, it doesn’t last as long as an experience does. Not only is it a great experience to look back on,n but also fun and entertaining. It’s a great way to hang out with old and new friends in trying to solve clues. I have heard nothing but positive reviews on escape rooms and look forward to doing one this summer!

  • I totally agree that experiences can mean more than material items. This is certainly something I would consider for a first date. I think it is casual enough, and you can get a fun group together to make things less intimidating.

  • My son wants to take a girl on a unique date for Homecoming. I’m glad you talked about how escape rooms help people communicate and think fast while doing something different. If he takes her to an escape room, then maybe it would be a really unique and memorable experience for both of them.

  • Escape rooms are a great team building exercise. So why not use it to build a team with your partner? It’s great for those second or third dates, when one just runs out of topics to discuss. Also one gets to know about various character traits of the partner, like how well he/she handles tough situations? Or whether he/she is a good team player or not? The idea here is not to test the IQ levels but getting to know more about the person.

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